Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sales Report: B&N Beating Amazon?

Smashwords just updated their sales reports. They are getting better at doing them more often, and B&N seems to be updating them more promptly as well.

I now have figures for the first half of March, and....

I'm selling more books at B&N than I am at Amazon. (Which isn't saying much -- the Amazonian sales slump continues...) I also have a nice trickle of sales from Sony and Apple, but they haven't been updated to include much of March yet.

Why is this happening?

I suspect it's due to my making an effort to push more links to other vendors. I've only done much of that at Daring Adventure Stories, and that coincides with a mini-sales-bump. I suspect Nook users get tired of everyone pushing only Amazon.

I'm going to start working on creating a "landing page" for each of my books with all links on them. Then in future, I'll link adds to those pages. (Also the sidebar here.) More info, more options, bigger cover picture. I'm curious as to whether doing more of that will make more difference.

See you in the funny papers.

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