Monday, March 26, 2012

New Story at Daring Adventure Stories

This week's story on Daring Adventure Stories is from Top-Notch Magazine, from February of 1912:

"Out of the Smash Up" by Phil Ashford.

A chance meeting on a train going west is maybe not quite as coincidental as it seems, as a trainwreck messes up the plans of a thief, two young lovers and a detective....

I didn't find a credit for the illustrator, but if I find it I'll add it in later. I have a couple of stories lined up for the next couple of weeks that don't have illustrations. I might have to do something for them, though I don't know if I have time. (I'll probably go for another dingbat, like the Adventure Magazine ones.)

This week I hope to get together a process so I can quickly convert the month's stories to mobi and epub formats, so people can enjoy these on their e-readers. These will be free downloads.

Some of these stories have some interesting story-telling techniques, and I'm thinking of writing some blog posts on that. The posts will, of necessity, include spoilers. However, since the stories are short and available, I think that will be okay. It mostly depends on my time.

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