Monday, February 21, 2011

Progress update

I got about 1500 words done tonight. I didn't do that much this weekend, though. I really like what I wrote tonight, and it got me very close to the next fun scene. (This one turned out to be more fun too. I may post an excerpt of tonight's work next Sunday.)

I also started prepping some of the next stories for publication. I was going to publish the GIRL GUNSLINGER screenplay next. That's the back story for Mick and Casey. However it was my first screenplay and the style is a little too dry, especially in the opening. I think I need to do some work on it to give it a little more flavor.

So I may swap that to the April release, and do another short story collection in March. I've got that one mostly ready, but I need to come up with a cover concept. I also have to figure out how to describe the genre. It's "speculative fiction" but not everybody knows what that means. Two of the stories are set in modern day, real-world, but have a fantasy element. The third is a space opera, but more emphasis on the interpersonal element than on hardware. (You know, TV sf.)

I think the title of the collection will be "Alternate Solutions, three speculative fiction stories" or something like that.

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