Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept Dare Day 20 - Drooling

Somehow my schedule has managed to be booked for 7 days a week last week and this one too. I don't see an end to this any time soon. How did this happen? I arranged for a three day workweek, and even those days have had extra hours tucked in.

Aside from drooling on my keyboard though, I did some business - contacted illustrators, posted some links, came up with a concept for the next book cover (well, I did that yesterday, really). I also managed to get some dialog snippets and to work out how to thread in some red herrings into the final big scene. The "Murder She Wrote" scene now has some real poignance. Also an ironic reversal.

I think I even came up with a good short story idea. Now if I can only remember it before I fall asleep.

I want to write a series on multi-threaded red herrings - in particular how to turn those overly convenient bits into really satisfying irony and suspense. But I am too tired.

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