Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept Dare Day 18 - Darlings Redux

Here's an old post which is another take on what I'm talking about when I say Nurture Your Darlings. It's advice I got from an artist friend, who is a wise and longtime teacher as well. (It illustrates why I now think it might be a good idea to nurture your Dancing Bears as well as your Darlings.)

Today was another one of those frustrating days, but it did end with a family celebration over sushi and Michigan State defeating Notre Dame. (Fight! Fight! Rah Team Fight! Victory for M. S. U.!) Now we'll have to see if my Parental Units manage to make it out of East Lansing on the bus before the riots begin. (People on campus have been drinking since 1pm, when the campus rules allow them to start. Who knows how early they started in East Lansing proper?)

So I'm sitting by the phone, waiting for the rescue beacon. Maybe I'll get some more writing done....

(NOTE: before I could even finish this post, the Parental Units made it out of town. They must have really cut a chogee.)

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