Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 32 - 80 Words of Spontaneous Flash Fiction

I'm still too exhausted to do much of anything today, except maybe fill some plot holes.

However, on the Short Mystery Fiction Society group on Yahoo, someone mentioned a little exercise they did in their writer's group. Come up with a 100 word flash fiction story based on the concept of a coroner's pick up line. So I wrote one. It doesn't count toward my dare goals, but here it is.

Further I would like to challenge those of you who are writers to do the same. I will give you a choice of themes. You can either go with a "coroner's pick up line" or in honor of my default on my dare, you can write a 100 word flash on the concept of "something that doesn't count."

by Camille LaGuire

The coroner had been trying to pick up Detective Winston for a long time, but she was all business.

"Okay," he said at last. "Where's your corpse?"

She pointed him to the body bag. He noted that she'd bagged the hands properly, preserved the clothing well. Oh, and there such interesting bruising, and that wound on the forehead....

"I'd like you compliment you on your body," said the coroner. "I hope you will feel free to hold it against me."

The End


Kathy McIntosh said...

I love it. I won't hold it against you, and right now, I'm going to concentrate on my writing, so I won't take up the challenge.
I did, however, post an award for you at my blog.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks! That's very cool. I don't get into internet memes myself, but good luck with it