The Story Game

This is a temporary page to put items that are too big or odd for regular blog posts.  The contents will change.  (It will probably become an Index page for the Story Game posts.)

Right now, it's for a big long "wheel" in the game -- this wheel is a part of the mystery game, and imho, it also should replace the first iteration of the "Crime Wheel" that was part of the situation game.

The Big Wheel of Crimes and Theories

NOTE: some of these have shorthand explanations that you may not understand. (For instance under political dirty tricks, I say "Segretti, etc" -- that's a reference to Donald Segretti, the guy who did juvenile dirty tricks for Nixon, such as forging a letter to make it look like a rival was bigoted.  Or "Runaway Priest" refers to a news story about priest who hit a homeless person with his car and then panicked and ran, making the situation worse.) I will fix them eventually. Feel free to ask questions.

1. Kidnapping - custodial
2. Kidnapping - ransom
3. Kidnapping - crazy person or abuser
4. Hostage taking - surrounded by police
5. Hostage taking - on the run
6. Burglary - amateur, single incident
7. Burglary - ongoing multiple victim
8. Drug dealing
9. Drug smuggling
10. Fencing stolen goods
11. Gambling - running an illegal establishment
12. Gambling - cheating racket
13. Gambling - debts
14. Cheating - amateur or school sports
15. Cheating - grades
16. Cheating - other
17. Clandestine love affair - married
18. Clandestine affair - unacceptable partner (too young, gay)
19. Philandering (lots of affairs)
20. Dishonor (hiding a loss of status)
21. Cheating - politics
22. Political corruption - direct bribe taking
23. Political corruption - misusing power
24. Cheating a neighbor in a business deal (outside of profession -- real estate, sale of car, etc.)
25. Cheating a partner in business
26. Cheating a relative out of a family resource (inheritance, jointly owned property)
27. Theft of affection (a lover, a mentor, other jealousy inducing situations.)
28. Blackmail (as a business -- individual acts belong on the secondary crime list)
29. Revenge for Humiliation, bullying, oppression
30. Revenge for stealing a lover or position
31. Revenge for false accusation
32. Revenge for cheating
33. Revenge for honest winning
34. Act of blind rage
35. Fault in a car accident
36. Fault in a workplace accident
37. Fault in a home liability situation
38. Fault in an unintended misfortune (sports loss, job loss, humiliation in front of mentor, etc.)
39. Blatant incompetence
40. Workplace Corruption - misuse of power
41. Workplace Corruption - self-aggrandizement (but doesn't rise to embezzlement)
42. Workplace Corruption - embezzlement
43. Workplace Corruption - Political games, ruin of enemies, etc.
44. Workplace Corruption - stealing credit ditching blame.
45. Workplace Corruption - Money laundering
46. Workplace Corruption - Industrial espionage, or ruining the business intentionally (Includes internal product tampering)
47. Vandalism - outsider product tampering
48. Vandalism - general (graffiti, broken windows, random passive aggressive rage)
49. Vandalism - harrassment
50. Vandalism - Munchhausens - being a victim for sympathy or advantage
51. Munchhausen's by Proxy
52. Self-justified theft (something that you believe belongs to you)
53. Sabotaging a rival
54. Loved one Threatened. (Literal real danger)
55. Loved one threatened (minor threats to reputation, dreams, etc.)
56. Desperation to impress someone
57. Codependency
58. Reckless endangerment
59. Withholding information to harm someone else
60. Withholding information to help onesself
61. Opportunistic theft (i.e. not planned)
62. Frame an enemy for a crime
63. Murder to rid someone of a bothersome person (wife husband relative, etc.)
64. Murder from anger
65. Murder from long held hatred
66. Murder from jealousy
67. Murder of rival
68. Old Secret - false identity
69. Old Secret - faked death
70. Old Secret - falsified credentials
71. Old Secret - falsified glory
72. Old Secret - secret child or pregnancy
73. Double life (work life or home life)
74. Kiting personal loans (i.e. borrowing from peter to pay paul)
75. Passive covering for someone else suddenly becomes active.
76. Family, class or group honor/loyalty (i.e. covering when someone else loses honor as if it were you own)
77. Inappropriate Obsession
78. Political rage
79. Road rage
80. Spree killing
81. Spree theft
82. Theft hoarding (i.e. compulsion to acquire things)
83. Serial killing
84. Domestic Abuse
85. Unacceptable Secret identity (jeckyll hyde)
86. Secret Drinker (or other addiction)
87. Secret prostitute or john
88. Dealing in black market goods (expired food, questionable drugs)
89. Distilling and selling booze
90. Engaged in legal activities you can't let your family know about (growing medical marijuana, abortionist, writing porn)
91. Political Corruption - running a crime ring
92. Hijacking Cargo (trucks or boats)
93. Carjacking
94. Car Theft
95. Forged Artwork
96. Forged Documents
97. Art Theft
98. Art Theft for ransom
99. Forged IDs
100. Providing alcohol to minors
101. Forged proof of libelous statements
102. Libel or conspiracy theory that is coincidentally true
103. Industrial or corporate mistake that threatens public health
104. Upstanding sponsor of terrorist or criminal activities
105. Political Dirty Tricks (Segretti, etc.)
106. Libel (upcoming trial, as yet unproven?)
107. Harassment lawsuit
108. Legit Lawsuit that annoys powerful
109. Unprosecuted crime (I.e. bully got away with it)
110. Old Secret - Nazi collaborator, Soviet Spy, Irish Terrorist
111. Ignoring Safety Violations (inspector or inspected)
112. Plagiarism
113. Creating/distributing pirated goods
114. Computer Hacking
115. Identity Theft (ring)
117. Humiliation over a secret love/rejection
118. Resentment over being pushed too hard (i.e. coach, mentor, boss, parent)
119. Suveillance/bugging a rival
120. Destroyed dream
121. Loss of control over another (i.e. abuser)
122. Old Secret - possession of something lost or stolen long ago
123. Knobbling a court case (killing witness, judge, prosecutor)
124. Murder as a warning to someone else
123. Kidnapping (of person, pet or object) to prevent someone from testifying or taking office.)
124. Home invasion hostages (i.e. someone behaving weirdly because someone is holding family hostage)
125. Escaped criminal
126. Desire to stop a loved one from doing something stupid (or that you con't approve of)
127. Arson for profit
128. Arson for fun
129. Sabotage - Internal
130. Sabotage of public service
131. Sabotage of Rival
132. Arson or other crime as warning (enforcement racket)
133. Poaching
134. Simple Malice
135. Crack lab, or really big hidden illegal Marijuana greenhouse.
136. Personal power Struggle between executives or elected officials
137. Personal Power Struggle within a family
138. Small theft with a much larger than expected MacGuffin value. (lottery ticket, survivalist's stash of gold
139. Faking results to gain professionally (reporter, scientist, executive)
140. Faking results to gain politically
141. Unintended death in a careless driveby shooting
142. Panic after hunting accident
143. Overreaction to a break in
144. Shot a burglar who wasn't a burglar
145. Dispute over property gone wrong (i.e. shoot a burglar on someone else's property, becuase you feel it should be yours)
146. Escalation in Divorce, Domestic or Business Partnership Break Up
147. Panic after fatal mistake (runaway priest)
148. Protecting someone else from knowing the consequences of what they did.
149. Protecting the reputation of a "great person" - historical figure, star
150. Bank Robbery
151. Mugging (one incident)
152. Mugging as an ongoing profession
153. Professional Character Assassination (drugging, badger game, etc.)
154. Individual Character Assassination (prisoner of Zenda)
155. Con game to get someone to sign away rights or money
156. Con game to trick a witness into swearing to a will or other legal thing.
157. Murder for inheritance
158. Murder for insurance
159. Murder of previous spouse
160. Murder of previous boss
161. Murder of previous spouse of spouse
162. Arson to destroy or murder a rival
163. Murder to prevent from being fired.
164. Accident Creates Opportunity to steal, fake death or otherwise change life.
165. Blackmailer - fake an affair to set up blackmail, get victims trust by pretending to be blackmailed too.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

This is a great list, Camille!

Some other ideas (hope none of these are referenced above and I missed them): mercy killing, indirect killing (someone has heart attack during stressful event), media influence (could be covered by 'desire to impress' or desire for fame/celebrity), religious fixation, unwanted children, stalking/obsession, murder for hire.

Writer of Wrongs said...

Thank you! This is wonderful.

The Daring Novelist said...

Elizabeth -- thanks for the additional items.

WoW - Thanks, and LOVE your user/blog name!

Lindsay Carlson said...

ought to include Munchausen's syndrome since it is different than Munchausen's by proxy. Not sure if I saw on list but mercy killing/"angel of mercy" killing nurse or other healthcare worker kills patients that will die anyway --usually escalates to people that wouldn't normally die