About This Blog

(NOTE: this blog has been on a blogging break over the summer -- I was only posting updates on writing. However, this fall I expect to return to my "real" blogging as mentioned below.)

This blog began as a personal blog for posting daily progress in an ongoing "Novel Dare. " (Hence the name, The Daring Novelist, get it?)

However, it also is a chronicle of changes in the publishing industry.  The world, and my life, changed radically in the first four years of this blog, and the blog changed too.  It was a journal of my writing life, it was a place to comment on issues in publishing, and to talk about great stories and characters and movies.  It was a place to attract a "platform" in hopes of selling more fiction.  It was a place to actually publish fiction and art.

The one thing that lurked under the surface of all of this is the fact that I love to blog.  I love it in spite of the fact that it takes time an energy away from my writing.  That is, it takes away from my other writing.

As the fourth year of this blog draws to a close, I finally realized one true thing: blogging is writing.  And feeling guilty over one kind of writing over another doesn't really help anything.  I take a certain pride in the fact that my fiction is actually my fiction.  It is not something that conforms to commercial necessity.  It wouldn't exist if I didn't create it.  Why should I not feel the same way about my blog?

This blog is a part of my life's work, not just as a writer, but as a thinker, a watcher, a reader, an artist, and a teacher.

Right now, I'm starting to think of this as a cross between a magazine and an open seminar in issues related to fiction.  Next year, who knows?

If you read this blog, and find it useful or entertaining, buy a book once in a while, or make a donation. 

Here's a link to a list of my books.  And ... hey, look at that!  There's a donation link right below this sentence. (Donations via Paypal)


Unknown said...

Just found your blog today while looking up word count definitions for short stories, novelettes, etc. And now I've been sucked into reading several posts and had to remind myself while I was looking up word counts in the first place.
I find your blog very thoughtful and well-presented! Great material for all us fiction writers out there, even the "don't quit your day job" types like me. Props to you, and please keep it up.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks for commenting Yvette. Glad to hear you find the material useful!