Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quick Checkin - and a Pulpy cover

Still drawing and building up some stock before finishing up more covers.  I decided, though, to post an unfinished one.  (It's ALMOST finished.)

This is a 1950s style cover, often used for hard-boiled and thrillers -- but also often (in those days) used for cozier, lighter mystery, such as Christie or Perry Mason.  This one is probably finished in terms of the art and layout, but I'm playing with typography and also have to figure keywords. 

I'm thinking that the image implies a crime thriller -- about a guy framed for a murder.  Or possibly someone who has had a blackout and doesn't know if he's killed this woman.

But it would also be right for a revenge story, a guy standing over someone who was murdered by his nemesis.

With the right title, it could also fit the old fashioned style of mystery suspense (precursor to romantic suspense) with a female hero -- if, perhaps, she stumbled upon a scene like this, and now has to contend with that dark, lurking figure who stood over the body. (Is he now after her to kill the only witness? Or is he an innocent, caught up in a web of intrigue, and she'll have to help him?)

Anyway, that's it for now.

For others updating their ROW80 challenge this mid-week, check out this ROW80 linky page.

UPDATE: finished version now up at Camille's Cover Art.  Gave it a more evocative title. Decided to stick with the same 1950s pulp font, but to go more clean and modern, and with a longer author name.  (I like to vary the names and lengths, because you have to be careful not to design for a particular name length.)

See you in the funny papers.

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