Friday, May 1, 2015

April Wrap Up - So Far So Good

Today ends April, and the April Challenge of writing outlines.

I did not do as much as I had hoped: I had wanted to do two "Xtreme Outlines" and get some progress on a third. However, as expected "Stuff" happened, so I didn't get the second and third done. (Though I made some progress.)

So here is the official progress count:

On Covet Thy Neighbor -- I am this close to actually being completely done on it.  I have a space near the end where I tore out all the threads and haven't quite got them woven together again.   I plan to play around with it tomorrow morning (Friday) before I go see the Avenger's movie.  But I think I am close enough, overall, to start writing on it tomorrow night after the movie.  I am just going to do a couple of sprints, to see how far I can get in timed combat... er, timed writing sessions.

On In Flight -- That one had a whole lot of material already written (at least half, probably more) and all I really did was mentally review the story, from memory, so I could get an idea of what to pull apart. I re-outlined about half the story, but not with full scene beats. (More to a level 2.0.)

 On Death of a Plain Girl -- I, uh, didn't even crack open the document.

 One of the things I've discovered is that outlining really is telling a story.  It is almost exactly like any writing.    I get stuck on the same things I would have while writing, but it's much less frustrating, and overall saves time, even though it takes longer than I expect it to.

But I remind myself that this is all in addition to some of my other projects.  So overall, pretty good.

See you in the funny papers.

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