Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Characters Ate My Blog Post

Well, not just my characters.

There's also the virus or allergy that is affecting my inner ear and also making me achy as heck. (Positional Vertigo can be fun, if you like to go for a ride every time you tilt your head....)

And over night, one of the cats threw a gallon of distilled water on the floor of my office, necessitating moving of furniture and things located on furniture, and introduction of fans, etc.  (Max is the prime suspect, though one of the girls was certainly the instigator.  The girls all look innocent, and Max ain't talking.)

I tried to accomplish a very simple task but then realized I had to propagate some new passwords first, and resync devices and then update something, and then re-re-sync devices, and the internet got flaky and...AaaAAGGHHhhhh!  (This can be particularly fun when the room is spinning, your neck hurts, and your feet are wet.)

And on top of all this, all the regular characters (who have been on vacation while I played with the game stories) came sailing back in from vacation and presented me with scenes they've been working on while lounging on the beach in Tahiti (it's a magical place).

They did that, actually yesterday. (Actually George did it Saturday night, then yesterday Mick and Casey and then Rozinshura.  A few others, though Plink remains locked in her stateroom.)

George has come up with an opening scene which would be perfect for a book between The Man Who Did Too Much and what I thought was the next book, The Man Who Stepped Up.  He is suspected of committing a crime, and to be honest, I'm not sure he didn't do it myself.  I'm thinking of calling it The Man Who Didn't Do It, though.

But that will necessitate putting off The Man Who Stepped Up. However, if I can come up with a plot I like, I think the writing of both books will go faster and that means I'll be able to follow up one story with another relatively quickly.

Mick and Casey, in the meantime, were more helpful -- they came up with an opening scene which will add a lighter note to Stone-Cold Dead at the Trading Post -- which is a pretty dark story and could use a little light.  Also, they had worked out a capper ending scene that refers back to the beginning that really suits it.


I forgot all about what I wanted to say for today's blog post.  Something about something....

Actually, this is why I decided to maybe go back to one post a week on an involving topic like this.  I'll post what I meant to post today on Friday, and then the next on Tuesday. After that, I'm going to try to stick to theory posts on Tuesday, and game stuff on Friday.  (I'll be doing little games for a bit, and hold off on the plot game until we're done talking about plot theory.  Also, I think I have a whodunnit game in mind to help with George's new story.)

In the meantime, here is Max as a half-grown kitten, eating pop cans while I watch Perry Mason.  The pop cans are there specifically to keep him from eating the computer.  And, um, though it doesn't show in the video... Max actually did punch holes in those cans.

See you in the funny papers.

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