Saturday, June 29, 2013

Attention RSS Subscribers

The link in the sidebar I use for your RSS subscriptions is a Feedburner link.

There are a lot of rumors going around that when Google kills its RSS reader services on Monday, Feedburner will go too.

Like most bloggers, I really hate the idea of giving up Feedburner, because Feedburner keeps stats on how many people subscribe to my blog, and how many of the subscribers actually read the blog.  (If I didn't have it, I would think nobody has subscribed and I would be sad.)

Luckily, these rumors seem to be unfounded. Google has not announced this, and given how many Blogspot blogs use Feedburner, it is unlikely that this will happen without an announcement.

All the same....

If you would like to be sure you don't miss out if the Feedburner feed goes down, here is the direct link to the feed.  Copy and save it, and you can re-subscribe on Monday if the feed disappears.

I will post a test message on Monday morning (around 8am EST) so you can see if your feed is still running. (I'll be checking my own.)  FYI, my only real posts for the next couple of weeks will be on Sunday and Wednesday, so you have time to sort this out.  If it's even a problem.

If you are a Google feeds user and don't know where to go for other feed reading services, I really like to use MyYahoo, and a lot of folks have been going to use Feedly.  Many email applications also have feedreaders built in. (Mozilla's Thunderbird does. As does Apple Mail, and I'm pretty sure most of the top Windows ones do too.)

See you in the funny papers


Nicole Pyles said...

I'm seriously curious about this myself! I don't really know what will happen and I can't imagine they will just make it go bye-bye. We'll see though!

Lee McAulay said...

Hi Camille, posting this on Wednesday 3 July so I guess it's after the Day Of Doom. My RSS link works just fine, so you know.

The Daring Novelist said...

Yeah I have a subscription to my Kindle via Kindlefeeder. So I figured it worked but I did double check a few times.