Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brain Crash - Update Instead of a Post

I said on Sunday that I would have a post today on "Character Structure" which is a really cool way to look at stories.  I had it 2/3 written.  But I just found I couldn't get over the hump tonight to finish it.

I told myself not to commit to particular blog posts in my Sunday preview any more, but did I listen? No.

Part of the reason is because I came across the ebook version of a text book from college which is kind of the foundation of the article, and I thought I should re-read it.  But mostly, my brain just crashed.  This may be partly because I am in fiction-mode, but mostly because the dry air of winter has been hell on my sinuses and I have not been getting good sleep lately.

Here is the very worst part of all this: I have a bunch of great blog posts lined up for you which are also in this same state: mostly done, and I want to get to them all now.  I think what I really need is to rest up and push through all of them at once.  My brain likes to splurge that way.

So I'm putting the Character Structure post off until Friday at least. (And the promised post on the Death and Rebirth of Reading to some unknown point in the future.)

But right now, I'm going to read.


Carradee said...

If your sinus problem is inflammation, have you tried ginger (tea or capsules)?

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Too funny about committing to things online! :)

My daughter has had a rough time, too. Not to turn this into a commercial (although clearly I am), but I picked up the Vick's Germ-Free Humidifier off of Amazon (didn't have the time to shop local for it) and it's working really well for her (we fill it with filtered water):

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, both of you.

Yes, I consume vast quantities of ginger. (Unfortunately, it is one of the suspects in allergic reactions, but I can't give it up.)

As for humidifiers: I have one, but in this climate, a bunch of them going full blast won't bring the humidity anywhere near normal when the temperature drops very far.

I did figure out that some of my sleepiness may not be actually due to loss of sleep, but to meds.