Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ROW80 Update 6 -- Too Freaking Cold

I am a born Michigander, and the only time I haven't lived in Michigan was when I lived in Québec....

But sub-zero wind chills are just TOO FREAKING COLD!!!

My nose and fingers are cold. The humidifier cannot keep up (causing my sinuses to go nuts and preventing me from sleeping).

The feral cat (see below), who objected to being kidnapped and locked in a bedroom through the frigid night, raced out this morning, chased one squirrel and then came back and said: "Okay, copper, you got me.  Please let me back in jail NOW!"

I am told that, right now, the air over the Great Lakes is colder than the air over the North Pole.

I spent the early part of this week dealing with kerfuffle in a heater-less car.  That and baking bread to warm the kitchen. (Also sloppy joes, cookies, soup, tea... anything to pump more heat and moisture into the house.)

Also installed Windows on my Mac just so I could get files off a recording oximeter -- and was reminded of exactly why I hated supporting Windows machines.  Also had to run downstairs and reboot the router over and over again because it's so cold the internets keep freezing.

But mostly I just hid under blankets and cats and watched the inaugural.

Okay, I guess I can live with warmth and pretend mice. (Especially the rattly ones.)
See you in the funny papers.

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