Friday, November 30, 2012

Avoiding Work with More Covers

A long time ago I wrote an R-rated crime comedy screenplay called The Scenic Route, about a pair of directionally impaired bank robbers who get seriously lost during a getaway.  I self-published the screenplay for a while, but screenplay format is really not meant for ebooks, or for pleasure reading for anyone who isn't used to it.

Lately I've been thinking that A) I'd like to turn more of my screenplays into novellas, and B) if I toned the rating down to a PG or maybe PG-13, this story might make a fun companion volume to Harsh Climate.

Then today, I put Spirit in the Sky on continuous loop (it's my robbers' theme song) and started sketching, and ended up with a real nice, loose cover style for them.  It doesn't reduce down to thumbnail size as well as I'd like, so I'll have to tweak it.

Now... Harsh Climate has a good, generic thriller cover, but the cover does not fit the book.  And I don't want to work with photographs on any of my covers any more. I'm thinking this style will suit it much better.

So now I've got two more projects on my plate: a new cover for Harsh Climate (which I've been meaning to do anyway) and I've got to novelize a screenplay!


See you in the funny papers.


Lee McAulay said...

This cover reminds me of the ragged books from the fifties I used to find in second-hand bookshops thirty years ago, like Margery Allingham's The Tiger In The Smoke.
That's a compliment, BTW :-)...

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks! Yeah, I am going for a retro look.