Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flash story up at Bibliophilic Blather

My alternate take on the old Jack in the Beanstalk story is up at Bibliophilic Blather, for their Flash Friday feature.

"The True Story Of Jack's Cow"
by Camille Laguire

Thanks to Karen Wojcik Berner for a fun blog.

A few notes about the story.  This story was inspired by Marian Zimmer Bradley, who complained rather loudly in her magazine that she got way too many stories featuring dragons and unicorns.  Just once, she said, she'd like to see an old-fashioned high fantasy story about a cow.

This story popped right out, but I needed to let it sit on the shelf a bit.... and between the writing and the submitting, MZB's Fantasy Mag closed its doors.

So the story has been cooling its heels for a very long time, while I decide what to do with it.


chihuahuazero said...

I'm popping over there. Sounds intriguing.

Rick said...

Headed there, too, Camille.

Angie said...

LOL! Okay, that was awesome. :) And I bet MZB would've loved it.


The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Chihuahua, Rick, and Angie.

Yes, I think it could have done well at MZB, and it would have been nice to have another story in that zine.