Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ROW80 Update - May 30

On Tuesday, I paused to copy and paste all I said on the Passive Voice blog (where the comment threads are extremely interesting) so I could get a word count on it.  I wrote 5000 words!  Just in the comments on that one blog. (Same day I wrote 1480 words of new fiction.)


That explains where a lot of energy is going. (It IS a great blog for comment discussions, though.)

The good news is, I saved the comments which I copied out, and I have some great raw material for blog posts when I get back to regular posting this fall. (Or for guest posts.)

A Round of Words in 80 Days update:

Sunday Day 56 - 636 words.  I screwed around a lot today. (Had fun going to see Men In Black 3, though.)  But I finished the banner for Episode 7 of The Misplaced Hero, and then finished up the prose. 

Monday Day 57 -540 words.  I did a lot of backstory work, and also prepped the next episode.  (Gotta do the art yet.)  I didn't do a lot of writing, but what I wrote was "cherse" as Spencer Tracy says.

I also watched Rear Window, which was technically research.  (At the beginning of The Man Who Stepped Up, Karla has a "Hitchcock moment" when she sees something happen off in the distance, from the top of some school playground equipment.)  I am acquiring a list of movies for Karla to reference already.  She has already given George advice from Parapluies de Cherbourg, and I think I have a clue detail from Day of the Jackal, (though not one that is at all obvious -- it will trigger Karla, though). I'll probably be watching Dr. Strangelove and In The Heat of the Night this week.  I might watch On The Waterfront, even though I'm not a big fan of Elia Kazan.  I have the feeling there will be some resonance there, so Karla can find some Rod Steiger connections that nobody else can understand.

Tuesday Day 58 -1484 words.  Started with a nice session where I wrote the meat of a couple of upcoming episodes. Then I did a little more with The Man Who Stepped Up.  I wrote the opening pages, actually, which are a little rough yet, but I finally figured out how to introduce Karla again.  The situation isn't conducive to her movie mania, but it is conducive to a display of her in depth knowledge of jokes and humor.  It also does a hint-intro for George, who will not enter for at least another chapter.

All that commenting I did on Passive Voice is clearly why I didn't do the artwork for the next episode yet.  (Deadlines, though, are a wonderful thing.)

See you in the funny papers.


Thomas E said...

I really HAVE to cut down on my comments on the passive voice. It is a fun blog, but if I wrote the same number of words of fiction I would have at least three books a year extra...

Barbara McDowell said...

Great progress! You got in some words even with the "screwing around." :-) Love Hitchcock so watching those count as research. I've stepped up my movie watching because it is good for paying attention to story development (both when done well and not so well.)

The Daring Novelist said...

Thomas: oh, if only I could cash in on the writing I do on that blog.... I gotta cut back. If only conversations weren't so fascinating.

Barbara: yeah, movies are great for learning structure and subtext. Of course, with this series, I also have to refresh my knowledge to know what's going on in Karla's head. (I can, however, just watch specific scenes to remind myself, though. It makes it way easier.)

I used to know as much about movies as Karla does, but not so much any more.