Sunday, March 18, 2012

ROW80 Update (March 18)

It's a tough last week for the A Round of Words in 80 Days Challenge this time.

This past Wed-Sat stretch, of course, was full of work issues and kerfuffle. And the next few days will also be packed full. At the day job, we still don't have a contract, because the administration simply won't come to the table. The weather is good. We might as well occupy us some picket lines and board meetings.

As a result, I'm sort of drifting through this last week of the dare. I didn't even keep track of what I did. (Mostly thinking -- which was fruitful. I figured out that since this is a Mick and Casey story, I really need to come up more ways to dump Mick in a mud puddle or get him bopped on the head, or both.)

But it's spring, and aside from getting politically and occupationally active, it's also time for spring cleaning. It's time to make changes, gear up, get out. Time to plant the peas already.

So even though I'll be doing some writing, I already know I will not be achieving my goals -- so my energy will really be going into gearing up for the next challenge in April.

I'll be posting some interesting stuff on plans and goals and writing philosophy (as well as getting back to posts about writing as a craft) during the last week of March.

For this coming week,

  • Tuesday: The Future of Publishing, As Seen In A Fuzzy Crystal Ball
  • Thursday: Last ROW80 Update for this round
  • Friday Favorites: Hitchcock Not Unbound (i.e. a look at Hitchcock's limited location flicks -- Lifeboat, Dial M for Murder, and Rope.)

See you in the funny papers.

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