Sunday, February 5, 2012

ROW80 Check In -- And Pretty Colors

I'm making a few changes this week. (So what else is new?) I think the money/full-time writing posts are not very good, and I think the reason is because I'm trying to give a general overview for everybody else, and maybe what I really need to do is what I do here all the time: write about what I'm doing and why.

And I think I may go back to doing my art posts on Mondays. I've got some fun things I discovered in an old pulp magazine, and I'm too tired to sort out and clip and upload images -- so I'll do that tomorrow, if I have time.

A Round Of Words In 80 Days Update

Wednesday Day 31 - 60 minutes. Started in on an Illustrated Cap. The letter A, hand drawn and curly. I also spent about half the time playing with blending and layer masks in Photoshop, and watercolor brushes in Painter. I think I'm going to play with Painter's watercolor stuff to create a background for that ROW80 logo. (If it isn't colorful by the time you see this post, I did something else.)

Thursday Day 32 - 45 minutes. I was busier than expected, so even though I did do a garish color version of the ROW80 logo, I just did it by playing with brushes and effects in Photoshop at random. I'll keep playing with ideas for this.

Friday Day 33 - 15 minutes. Instead of drawing, I read and played with my cats. (One of the emergencies I dealt with earlier was a friend's cat's health. The news finally came out good! But I made sure I took extra time to play with cats.)

The fifteen minutes noted here is for prep work I did to see that I have a productive session Saturday. We'll see if it works.

Saturday Day 34 - 73 minutes. A day filled with kerfuffle after all. (Also, I wrote a blog post.) I had lots of thoughts for The Man Who Stepped Up (next on your hit parade) and a few new ideas for the current book, so I indulged in a little idea generation. I did manage to get about 700 words written in spite of it all.

See you in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

Love the colorful ROW80 logo :)

Tracy McCusker said...

Wee, colorful logo! Illustrated capital letters are one of my great weaknesses. If you want to share, I'll happily be agog over it. :D

It sounds like you had a decent amount of creative play, given that the kerfuffle surfaced to eat up your time.

What you said on your earlier post about writing/money blog articles, I would like to hear more about what choices you made for yourself & why.

Good luck for the coming week!

yikici said...

It sounds like you have had a relatively productive week with your writing as well as being creative in Photoshop (can be so addictive). Excellent stuff! :)

The Daring Novelist said...

It was not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be. (Although Wed-Fri are non-writing days anyway.)

As for the logo -- I just played until I had something, no planning. It came out all cozy, like a woven rug. I wonder if I should actually change the font and try for different genres/feels.