Friday, December 23, 2011

ROW80 Finale - And a New Book Published!

There! The end of the last day of the last round of A Round Of Words In Eighty Days for 2011.

I finished and edited a novel, The Man Who Did Too Much, which should see light at an ebook at least by New Year's Day. (The paper version will probably not be available until Chinese New Year, on January 22.) Here's the blurb page for that book.

In the meantime, I published another set of short stories tonight. Amazon is processing it, but Smashwords has it up and live. It will be a while before it trickles in to the other book stores, but does that matter? NO!

Because Smashwords has every format you could want, and further more, it's being offered there for FREE FREE FREE!

Here's the cover! And the blurb!

5 Twists

These five flash stories from the Daring Novelist blog each have a twist. Some are hard-boiled, others light and fluffy. The stories include:

  • "Burning Bridges" A hard-boiled woman must guide a young bimbo in trouble.
  • "Balancing Act" A klutzy woman, a charming man and a the theft of a jewel. The question is whether the fellow was just a bit too charming....
  • "Deadmen Don't Eat Fruitcake" It's a Noir Christmas when tough guys get their stolen jewels mixed up with fruitcake and a tough old lady.
  • "Power Is Greater Than Love" A dictator knows only power, a simple woman knows only love. Which is stronger?
  • "The Unexpurgated Story of the Baby Shoes Which Were Sold Unused" The story behind Hemingway's famous six word story: "For sale, baby shoes. Never used" may be more complicated than he expected, as an upright Victorian spinster explains to a newspaperman.

This collection is approximately 8500 words long.

In the meantime....

I had a wonderful day brainstorming some issues on Devil In A Blue Bustle, and I think this could very well be a novel, not just a long novella. That book will be the focus of the next dare -- which I will again run through ROW80.

Throughout next week, I'll be musing on various topics, past and present and future. The posts will appear Boxing Day morning. So have a happy holiday, and to send you off, I give you Beeker and Ode To Joy:

See you in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

Another published novel and another one edited? You're amassing quite a collection. Congratulations! And happy new year. :)

The Daring Novelist said...

Unfortunately that collection is mostly odd-lots -- stand-alones and odd genres. However, I am finally beginning to build up the series fiction. The next two years are going to be critical, I think.

And short fiction makes it fun and easy to add to the collection.

Anonymous said...

You've done really well. Congrats on getting the short stories out. Glad to hear you'll be back for another round. :)

Tracy McCusker said...

Congratulations!! That is quite an accomplishment for ROW. It's been a pleasure to discover your blog, Camille. I hope to see you again for the next round!

Now I am off to pick "5 Twists"... to be read after Have Gun, Will Play. (I haven't had the most reading time with the holidays imposing their short shopping deadlines and their festive bustle, but I'm 30 pages in and I am in love with your prose.)

Happy holidays, and once again--congrats!

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks Ryan -- yes, ROW80 is basically what I was trying to do with this blog in the first place. But it works so much better when it's a group/outside effort. I REALLY like ROW80 a lot.

Tracy -- Thanks for kind words. The Mick and Casey series, of course, has a prose advantage because Mick's voice is so fun. I'm excited to get back to him this upcoming quarter.