Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week In Review: Funny Bunnies, Heroic Horses and a Sketch

This was a grand week for me, because this new dare and the whole 90 minutes a day thing has not only worked, but it also has freed me up for other things. Among the "other things" is a return to daily posting... although it will be slightly flaky daily posting.

I have a couple of interesting series in the works, but this week I'll just do a light set of musings on productivity. Not a "how to" so much as thoughts on some of the ideas which steer us wrong. Things like the fact that you probably shouldn't even try to make every minute count, and how "necessary" doesn't mean productive, and how top priorities are not always the obvious priorities. I'll get to those Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Tomorrow I may talk about some of the fun stuff I've been finding on Project Gutenberg and, and then Monday I may start a series of cover posts again. This time I won't be looking at my own covers, but instead at some commercial covers that in a "new releases" newsletter I get.

In the meantime you can see the sketch of the week below, but first a pause for amusement:

Make Up Your Own Joke

The Pink Snowbunnies anthology has been published! (More later, when I have more time -- in particular an interview with the collection's instigator and editor, Deb Geary.) It can take a while for a book to get processed through the system, so on Thursday, I went to see if it had made it to Barnes and Noble. It hadn't yet.

I searched for "Pink Snowbunnies In Hell", which it didn't find. But it did show me a large promo for Dick Cheney's book.

I shall not make a comment. I shall leave it to you to make your own joke....

But really, honestly, do you want to read more hellish blatherings from an old and foggy politician, or do you want to read new and shiney hellish blatherings from twenty up and coming writers? I mean, really, compare them. Which of these would YOU rather read?

Video of the Week: an Heroic Horse and Rider

They needed some medicine in one of those isolated towns in Vermont.

Sketch Of The Week

I actually did this sketch a week or two ago, but the one I'm working on now is more involved. For this sketch I wanted to play with doodling for shading an image. The technique was basically making black scribbles all over any shaded area -- making them too dark -- and then scribbling over with white ink (Or an eraser, I can't remember which) to pull it back to a lighter gray.

It looks nothing like the image I used as a reference, which was a blurry screen capture -- very low rez -- of an image from the first Bulldog Drummond film. (They had some interesting lighting effects.) The heroine was young and pert. This woman has character.

But now I have a half-hour or so left on today's goals, and the cat is making alarmingly funny sounds in the kitchen....

See you in the funny papers.

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