Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Prompt: Urgent Letters

I've been playing around on Project Gutenberg, looking mainly at illustrations, when I noticed that my imagination was being stimulated not by the illustrations, but by the chapter headings. I've decided to start using them as writing prompts.

What I did today, though, was to mix and match individual words. I want to try to come up with at least four good story ideas from each, and maybe use the words as a collection title. That is, I'll stick the number in front of the words to make the title: "Four Magnificent Potatoes."

Tonight's brainstorming exercise is:

"Urgent Letters"

This is rich territory, and in five minutes I already had 12 general ideas. (Not the solution or story, more the set up or catalysts.)

I challenge you to jot down a dozen or more ideas from those words. Pick the genre of your choice. Come up with ideas for your existing series or characters. Just play with exercise scenes.

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