Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Dare - Day 1

I didn't get my full thousand words in - just 695 - but I did do some editing, and outlining, and I put in a full day's work at the day job.

I'm working on "A Fistful of Divas," a novelette which was one of my early Mick and Casey stories. It takes place in an old-fashioned small town Opera House -- which is really just a glorified meeting house/theater. But this one has a stage, and balcony, and backstage and flys and all of those things that make a theater a fun place to set something. If I get this worked out right, I should be able to publish it in late April.

However, this year's overall goal is just one story a month, so I don't have to publish it until May, but I'd just as soon get ahead of myself.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my own story for the "Hemingway's Baby Shoes" blogfest. It'll be a rough draft, but it's in the style of a fast-written O. Henry story, so I think that's appropriate. O. Henry used to write a story a day for one of the newspapers where he worked. Blogs are like the new newspapers. It's a great medium for jokes and tall tales and told stories. I hope to see more fun stuff like that out there.

(That's a hint, folks. Enter the blogfest!)

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