Saturday, December 26, 2009

Liminal Zone - Day 2 - Goals

By the end of this long week, I must set some goals for the coming year. I've got four things in particular in mind. I'll be posting more extensively on each of them.

1. What's the plan for finishing the novel? One more dare? Two? What's the schedule on it?

To do this goal, I have to first assess where the heck I am. I've just been piling up word counts over the past few weeks. Now I've got to see the overall.

2. My author website.

I need to update it and turn it into the home site for the other things I do. It should not be hard, but there is baggage associated.

3. Fiction Sites. What can I get done this year?

I have one prototype fiction blog for my published short mystery fiction. (Mick and Casey's Mystery Stories - check it out.) I also have a domain for my children's fiction, but I haven't got around to it. The main thing holding me up is that I that I want to do a more professional job of the design, now that I've learned a few things from building the first site. And that is going to be work. And I promised some friends I would get a swashbuckling blog up by Talk Like A Pirate Day next year, although I don't know if I will do original fiction or just reviews and stuff.

I really need a plan.

4. Article Writing

I get a trickle of "passive income" from some blogs and sites like eHow. I need to enhance that income, but the trickle is slow enough that I really have to consider what kind of effort is worth it.

The biggest issue here, though, is that I need to kick start my Dim Sum Primer. I think that is the one actual writing goal of this break - I need four or five articles to start that out. The other goals can focus on planning. But this one needs action.

So ... I've got my break cut out for me. The first job will be to assemble all the material I have right now on the novel, and see if I can figure out not only how much is dross, but also where the important gaps are, etc.

But for tonight, I came up with a long list of post subjects and titles for the Dim Sum Primer blog. About sixteen sets of four posts.

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