Monday, July 1, 2013

Test of the RSS feed for this blog

Today Google is shutting down its RSS Reader.  Many people are fearful that, unannounced, Google will shut down Feedburner -- the service that many (if not most) Blogspot users use to provide RSS subscriptions to others.

If you see this message in your RSS feed, all is well.  Either Google did not shut down Feedburner, or you didn't subscribe through the Feedburner link.

If this blog has disappeared from your RSS feeds, and you are looking at this post directly on the site, you can re-subscribe with this link:

That is the direct link to this blog's feed.

If Feedburner is still working, I'd rather get subscribers through that, because I can see how many people have subscribed.  (However, I'd rather have readers than stats!)

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