Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crit Dare Day 16 - Taking the eBook Experiment to Paper

I got a lot of Chapter 12 done today, and some work on 13 and 14. I will likely assemble them tomorrow.

I got a number of chapters read for critique, and come comments, but I want to finish this chunk of chapters on this book before I really critique and post. Get an idea of the longer arc.

And I did most of the layout work for a paper version of Have Gun, Will Play. It's available in just about every electronic format, but most people still read on paper. (Plus paper is fun to collect and give as gifts.) I'm doing an experimental publicity push on it this month and next, and I decided that this is a good time to make it more widely available.

(It's also time to make all those classes in graphic design pay off. I have all sorts of spiffy cool things I can do. I should do them.)

It takes a couple of weeks to get through the system - uploading the layout, doing the cover, getting a proof, etc. - so I hope to have the layout done and uploaded tomorrow or Monday night so the process can begin.

One day I'd like to do a special illustrated edition, but that would take a LOT of time, and I've got books to write. So I'll make do with what I've got.

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