Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 48 - 496 Words More Chasing and Plotting

Today was a rotten day. Began with games by the passive-aggressive receptionist at my dentist's office. This is the fourth time she has made the same "mistake" (which involves outright an outright lie every time in order for it to happen). I did, however manage to do about 750 words of notes on which scenes are still missing and what I need to change in existing scenes to reflect the changes.

In the meantime I have found a really great script to read. This year's "Hollywood Blacklist" is out. It's a list of scripts that are truly wonderful but which won't be made for some reason or other. ("Not commercially viable" is the most common reason, along with sheer bad luck.) At the top of the list is a script called "The Muppet Man" - a fanciful (but somewhat dark) biography of Jim Hensen written by a person who knows nothing about him except what can be gleaned from interviews and public stuff. The blog Go Into the Story tells the story of this script, and how it launched the writer's career, and there is also a link to the script itself. (Here is a direct link to the download page for Muppet Man, in pdf format. It's a site with lots of pop up ads but otherwise seems harmless.)

Running Total: 37808 Words.

37808 / 50000 words. 76% done!

More on the new chase scene, with cardboard, pitchfork and a bad tumble. (But at the moment I don't see how they can end up with George back at his car. Must continue to consider logistics.)

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