Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 16 - 1063 Words of Backstory

Today I had a breakthrough on the plot, which caused me to think through a major revision of the backstory. It doesn't affect anything I've written so far. It just takes the truth to another level of twist. (And it will turn out that Karla's movie intuition that they are in The Third Man is true in a very different way than she thought.)

So I did 1063 words of backstory, which is only a small portion of the reams and reams of notes I made today. I'm not going to add this to the running total, because it's not finished writing, but I hope to make up for that tomorrow with an extra long session of real writing.

And a bit of Novel Dare wisdom from my fortune cookie tonight:

"When you're not afraid to do it wrong the first time, you'll eventually get it right."

That's about the only way to get through a dare. Don't worry about screwing up, just keep going. (That's kind of George's philosophy too.

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